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Favorite Things about Craft Beer

beer tasting options in st paulFirst, a little background info. As most of us know, craft beer comes from a microbrewery. This means that they can only produce limited amounts beer. Lately, there’s been some controversy about “craft beer” that’s only pretending to be craft beer. Three characteristics of a microbrewery are that it is small, meaning they can produce no more than 6 million barrels a year, independent, and traditional. Microbreweries produce beer that’s derived from “original beer,” rather than the more watery taste often associated with larger name brands. There are lots of things we love about craft beer, but here are our favorites.

Greater Variety
Each craft brewery produces several delicious different brews, all with varying flavors. From the lightest lager, to the darkest stout, no two beers are the same. And what’s better, they’re all delicious.

Higher Alcohol Content
An average craft beer is between 5-10% abv. This is compared to some big name beers’ 3% abv. Aside from the obvious benefit of getting more “bang for your buck,” beer should be enjoyed, not guzzled. Craft beer allows drinkers to slow down and really savor their beverage, like it was meant to be savored. You’ll also spend less money, after taking into consideration that you won’t be guzzling beer after beer after beer.

Meet the Makers
If you find a local craft beer you love, you’ll have the chance to visit the brewery where your favorite beer is made! You’ll get to speak to experts for tips on food pairings, other beers to try, and personally thank them for their great work.
A recent infographic states that most Americans live within 10 miles of a craft brewery. There are plenty to choose from right here in the Twin Cities, and you could even leave with a new favorite brew!